Office Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9AM- 5:00PM and

Sunday: 11AM - 5PM. Please call (03) 9311 1383 or (03) 90771153 to make an appointment. Please note that 4:40 pm is our last booking appointment. Walk-in patients are not recommended due to nCov19.

Looking for our Location

Our Medical Clinic locates at 25A Devonshire Rd, Sunshine  where you can easy to find and park your car. The rear car park can hold up to +100 cars and it's free to park. For more details please look at our Map.Click here

Our Services


The Sunshine Health Medical Clinic provides service to the community and aims to build a friendly and harmonious environment for our patients and
our staff. All supported staff work with our doctors to achieve the best possible results in our patients’ health.


We routinely provide the following services: